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Our Company and Products

BioSystems LLC was started in 2004 by Ray Grover and Vernon Meacham, who were original members of the Harmony Products management and technology teams.  Harmony Products manufactured and marketed organic-based, controlled-release fertilizers to retail and agriculture markets.  Following their work at Harmony Products, Ray and Vernon started BioSystems and continued to market the certified organic fertilizer Harmony Ag Organic 5-4-3 and has since expanded their line of products to include Symphony 5-4-3 and Crescendo 8-2-2. 

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BioSystems LLC's organic fertilizer products are manufactured by a 4th generation, family-owned and operated layer farm in upstate NY. Harmony Ag Organic 5-4-3, like all of our products, is made from composted layer manure.  Unlike broiler litter used in many poultry manure-based fertilizers, layer manure contains no bedding material, leading to a higher percentage of plant nutrients in our fertilizers.  Symphony 5-4-3 is made with composted manure from USDA certified organic layers, who were fed certified organic feed, much of which was grown on the farm. Crescendo 8-2-2 is a higher nitrogen formulation and is a combination of composted layer waste (like the Ag Organic compost) and feather meal. The BioSystems line of products provides excellent nutritional value, aids in improving soil structure, and is approved for Organic usage.

Another unique quality of the BioSystems line of organic fertilizers is the proprietary composting system utilized by the layer operation to produce our organic compost.  Developed in the 1990s employing custom-designed composting equipment, the method is instrumental in capturing the highest nitrogen possible in the material.  This high-quality compost is then used to make our flowable, time-release, low odor, low dust fertilizer that consistently performs well from start to finish.

Our products are sold through distributors like Seven Springs Farm and direct to truckload customers.

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